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Postal Bid Sale Test Page

1 2010 Comprehensive colour Cat of Aust 4th ed ( latest ) vol 3 incl updated Roos and GeoV. Brand new VF20
2Box of accessories everyone needs, Prinz hinges unopened, perf guage & wmk guide, tweezers, wmk wetting trays, morley Bright wmk detector in original box, small s/book. Finally a contraption with very high magnification over perf guage, other high mag device, light, but cord missing. Take a punt, cheap!15
3Double-sided plastic stock pages 7 strips 3-holed pkt of 10 seems UnU made in Hong Kong.6
4Enuro some kind of jeweller's fold-out glass - great for inspecting flaws and small parts of stamps. VG10
5Hagner System 4-ring binder red, another diff 2-ring, + Stamp Collector Album blue s/book 32pp white, toning on some outer pp, pencil noted will rub off. Still useful. 10
6Hagner System green padded binder 4-ring vert edge holding 30 black hagners all 4 strips s/h but clean. VG20
7Magnifying glass heavy of good size and excellent for enlarging whole stamps. VG10
8SG colour guide key (in case, folds out as fan) - these very expensive now - get a bargain!! VG12
9SG colour guide the old type with "stamps" printed in 100 colours and affixed to lage folding card with notes on identification. Highly collectable, but this one is splitting at folds. Cheap at Res.5
10SG Cover Album black peg type with clear plastic pp for large or medium covers.30pp bit grubby but useful.12
11SG Senator Album springback black with 100 Senator Standard leaves (light graph) as new VF30
12 as above but green and 50+ leaves. Spine a bit worn, pages as new. VG15
13Stockbook Chalon Stamps white board 40pp clear strips well used but clean, ideal for sorting or stock. VG15
14Superb FDC green 3-ring binder printed in gold with tall straight uprights on the "rings", gold reinforced cnrs.As new VF 15
151825 Lease Hamilton Wallace to Keane of farm bullocks etc and buildings known as Spring Bank at Norfolk Plains . Aged tone spots but verey early VDL doc VG.30
161850 Letter from Col Henry Despard (Maori Wars commander) now in command of the 99th Regt of Foot at Hobart Town : To Captain Isaac Hindley Herbert Gall of the 99th then stationed at Norfolk Island . Despard had received a letter from Gall by the Lady Franklin which arr H-T from NI 23/10. The Capt expected to be relieved by the next sailing of that ship. Despard's reply of 16/11, that he had no Capt to send and he would have to wait till one arrived from England, was no doubt carried to Gall by the Lady Nelson when she dep H-T on 20/11. Military History of Van Diemen's Land and Norfolk Island . Light tones only authenticate this Norfolk Island rarity . F-VF100
171897-99 bundleof docs relating to the bankruptcy of Henry Button, proprietor of L'ton Examiner Newspaper, Mayor, etc. (11) F45
181947 His Majesty's Gaol Hobart notifying that his wife, Special Officer, is escorting female prisoner to Beauty Point for return to Vic. Signed by Deputy Governor (Mitchell). Rare item!! + OHMS unaddr env. F-VF10
19Bundle of insurance docs, 2 vols Signs of the Times 1940,41. Newspaper clippings etc 5
20Tas Horse Racing History framed certificate of Reg of the firm Tote Managemant Co of Australasia of 91 York St L'ton on 13 Aug 1951 with Supreme Court Hobart embossed seal. Signs of dampness still VG10
21 TAS REVENUE DOCS see also lot 270. 1865 lovely early L'Pool & London Fire Insurance doc covering John Field of Calstock £1600 on his new home. Folding crease through 2 stamps does not detract from this superb doc with revenues 2/6 pr + 1 perf St George & Dragon, 2d + 4d imperf Chalons each neatly dated 1/4/65 . VVF60
221867 a Bond , signed sealed & delivered by Joseph Clement West of Muddy Plains (probably Pateena) farmer, and Augustus Barkway Clerk in Holy Orders L'ton, witnessed by George Douglas solicitor L'ton. 2/6 Geo & Dragon rivetted to doc. + a printout details of charges brought against Barkway by Dr William Valentine for committing certain ecclesiastical offences , relating the Holy Communion. VF35
231875 fine vellum indenture between Joseph Clement West of Mount Leslie farmer (casino area) and Samuel Tulloch of L'tn Merchant. Has mss receipt for £5-7-1 sgd by Collector of Stamp Duties. Further documents within the entire, one with 1d s/f (dam) used as revenue . Tulloch was also a master mariner: there are typed informative notes concerning him, with the lot. VF35
241891 vellum doc Disentailing (estate) Deed between Smith (several) of Deloraine area, and W G Keane farmer of Spring Banks near Longford . Has 5/- s/f paying stamp duty. Scarce document type. Slight yellowing o/w VF30
251906-17 Tatlow's Royal Mail Coaches pict cheque forms (3 diff) with 1d adhesive or colouless emb rev. VG35
261909 vellum doc Mortgage of land at Perth between Holman Hudson and Campbell with mss receipt for £1-2-6 sgd by Collector of Stamp Duties . Includes a Reconveyance of 1915 with vert pr 5/- numeral stamp duty with vf stamp Act cds in blue. Yellowing o/w F30
27Sheet of 2 cheque forms UnU for Permanent Micro Records P/L 50 St John St L'ton. Printed boxed STAMP DUTY PAID. VF5
28 NON-TASMANIA AUSTRALIA 1915 "Dardanelles" Combined Letterette and Reply Sheet UnU. Note: permission was granted to Edgar Newlands of Melb in 1915 for use of the Aust (red ensign) flag in connection with this item; which was produced in various formats and colours. They are all rare. Some agewear but still highly collectable and VG75
29France 1872 printed billhead invoice with receipt 10c blue imperf. Pin holes, still F3
30France 1893 printed billhead with 3x10c adhesive revs. Nice and VF3
31France 1917-28 docs with a range of Fr revs, emb, h/s or adhesive. See scan, nice lot (5) VF10
32GB 1882 Licence for Male Servants, Carriages, Armorial Bearings, and Dogs on VR wmk paper, to Mrs J Dingwall Fordyce of Blairgowrie Dundee. VF10
33GB 1848 Warkworth River Coquet Printed Notice - Poaching of Salmon / trout with fines of gaol penalties. VF30